What Is Global Warming and How Can We Reduce It?

You have heard about the planet that sea level is rising, glaciers are melting, hurricanes, wildfires, and heat waves are getting worse with time. Besides, you have heard from friends and media outlets who explain how to help the planet by less use of plastic straws and use reusable bags. But these things might help but not too much impactful. So, Improve Eyesight, we recommend you to wear safety glasses for shielding eyes when you come out in the sunlight.

All fossil fuels like coal, gasoline, oil, and natural gas are rising the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide has a major contribution to global warming and the greenhouse effect. Today, climate change is one of the biggest environmental issues. But you can help in reducing the need for fossil fuels that are causing global warming and to use energy wisely. Here are the top solutions that will help in reducing global warming.

Reduce Heat and Air Conditioning:

Add insulator into your walls and upper story, around windows and doors that can reduce heat, install weather stripping, and reduce the amount of energy that use to cool and heat your home. Turn off the heat before sleeping at night time and keep away yourself in during day time. It would be a better idea to use the temperature moderately all-time at home. Set your thermostat at 2 degrees less in the winter season and keep high in the summer season in which 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide used each year. How to deal with eye protection in winter and summer season by attending by corporate safety programs, and they will train about all types of safety-related to eyes.

Follow 3 Rs:

You have heard about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. So, this reduces waste and selects reusable products despite disposable products like using a reusable water bottle. For example, buy products that have minimal packaging like have an economy size because that thing will help to reduce waste. Prefer to use plastic, recycle paper, newspaper, aluminum cans, and glass. If you have no recycling plant close to you or in your community, ask anyone to start such recycling plants. By recycling your household waste products, you can up to save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per annum.

Change Light Bulbs:

Be practical and replace your regular light bulbs with the LED light bulbs because they are better than compact fluorescent light bulbs. Replace a 60-watt light bulb with the LED light that can use 4 hours a day and can save $14 per annum. LED light lasts longer than incandescent bulbs.

Less Use of Vehicles:

Fewer vehicles mean less emission and save gasoline. Besides, biking and walking are great exercise forms that help to strengthen your body and keep the environment safe as well. So, Make Money, explore the mass transit system in your community, and check out all options of carpooling to school or work. Even vacations can give opportunities that will help to reduce carbon footprint.

If you are driving your car, make sure about your car that is running efficiently. For example, maintain your car tires properly because they can reduce gas mileage by more than 3%. Besides, the gas you save helps in increasing the budget and save 20 pounds of carbon dioxide rather than leaving in the atmosphere.

Reduce The Use of Hot Water:

You must set your water level at 120 degrees for energy-saving and must wrap it in the insulated blanket if it has become old for more than 5 years. Prefer to purchase low-flow showerheads for saving hot water and approximately 350 pounds of carbon dioxide per annum. Besides, prefer warm or cold water for washing clothes, and by doing this, you will save your hot water and of course the energy that you need to produce it. That only thing will help to save 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually in almost many households. Set energy saving for your dishwasher and let then dry in the air.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Products:

Whenever, you are going to buy a new vehicle, choose one that provides efficient gas mileage. Most of the home appliances are available in the wide range of energy-efficient models, and LED lights are designed to give natural look light and use less energy than standard light bulbs. Avoid using those products that have plastic packing or such packing that cannot be recycled. If you plan to reduce household trash around 10%, you save 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide per annum.

Plant More Tree:

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen that is essential for us. Plants are an integral part of the atmospheric change on earth. So, meditate, grow more plants and reduce carbon dioxide level that is rising by manufacturing, transport, and many more human activities.

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